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"Enlightenment or awakening is not a particular experience or state of mind that may be achieved by practicing hard enough or meditating long enough. It is the recognition of the very nature of the mind itself. " Rupert Spira

​This course is open to anyone feeling ready to dive deep into self-exploration. The emphasis in this series is on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING and different from a class that teaches information and knowledge. Awakening Together gatherings are about unlearning, lightening up and letting go. We will explore various videos, quotes, and books from the 'wisdom keepers' of our time. These are ordinary people of all walks of life who live in a more awakened state, in harmony with the nature of their true self. Each session highlights teachings that support us to examine ourselves in relation to the selected course theme. Perhaps most importantly, this series is an opportunity for you to be in a space among a supportive community so you can nourish yourself and fill up your tank.

How you choose to participate is entirely up to you and you are encouraged to integrate the themes in a way that empowers your own personal transformation. You will receive a weekly email with a re-cap of the session, along with additional resources and supports. You will also be matched with a "series sidekick" partner who will act as your peer support.


Is Awakening Together a good fit for you?

  • If you feel curious to explore a variety of teachings intended to provoke a sense of awakening to the nature of your being, join us!

  • If you are ready to examine your patterns of behaviour, beliefs, and identity, join us!

  • If you have a device with functioning video and audio, and if you agree to embody our Group Approaches (click here to read the outline), join us!

Course Theme:

Investigating Relationships – the relationship you have with yourself & others, current relationships & ones that have ended.

When: Stay tuned for open course dates or contact us to book a private group program.

Where: Online (Zoom details and link provided in confirmation email)

Cost: Sliding scale

In each meeting we will:

  • Highlight the teachings from one of the wisdom keepers of our time

  • Embody awareness practices

  • Take time for integration & discussion

What you need:

  • a stable internet connection

  • a device with audio and video

  • a comfortable space with minimal distractions

  • curious mind, body, and heart

Session theme examples:

Meeting your Thoughts with Understanding. Byron Katie

Freedom from the Pain-Body. Eckhart Tolle

Grief, Loss, and Relationships. Mooji 

The ABC of Enlightenment: Within. Osho

Don't go to the Dark Side. Gangaji

Exploring Whether Awareness is Limited. Rupert Spira

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