Upcoming Courses.

Winter series! “Awakening Together” 

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This 6 week series runs weekly on Sun. beginning Jan. 10, 2021, ending Feb. 14.

THEME: Investigating Relationships - the relationship you have with yourself & others, current relationships & relationships that have ended.

This course is about going beyond formal mindfulness and meditation practices and is open to anyone feeling ready to dive deep into self-exploration. The emphasis in the series is much less about taking in information and more about letting go. In each meeting, we explore awareness practices and investigate the nature of our true self. Participants are encouraged to integrate the themes in a way that empowers their own personal transformation through examining the nature of their human conditioning and human potential.


The three main components of each session are as follows: 

* Investigate the teachings from one of the wisdom keepers of our time

* Awareness practices

* Integration & discussion

When: Sunday Jan. 10 - Feb. 14th from 8 - 9pm (ET) click here for timezone converter

Where: Online (Zoom details and link provided in confirmation email)


Cost: by donation, pay what you can (PWYC)

A Path Toward Stability - spring series.

Spring series! “A Path Toward Stability” 

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This 7 week series runs weekly on Wed. beginning March 24, ending May 5.

Would you like to carve out time for nourishing yourself? Perhaps top up your tank, get some rest & renewal, and soak up a little quiet time and space among a supportive community?

Join us for our fall Path Toward Stability series. This 7-week course is open to ANYONE interested in exploring mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Together we will look at themes such as: Expanding Awareness, Integrating Body & Mind, Living with Storms and Stress.

This series is designed to support individuals in the following areas:

* Identify & regulate emotions

* Actively listen and communicate

* Manage stress and anxiety

When: Wednesday Mar. 24 from 2pm - 3:30pm (ET) click here for timezone converter

Where: Online (Zoom details and link provided in confirmation email)


Cost: by donation, pay what you can (PWYC)

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We hope you can join us!

 Tools for Stability.

Pause and Breathe - 5 minute practice
00:00 / 04:13

About the PAUSE AND BREATHE practice:

This practice, guided by Gord Stevens, is an invitation to take a pause from doing and connect to breathing, to being


Many people find it difficult to "just sit and do nothing", however, taking a pause in your day and being fully present with the moment can be the greatest gift you give yourself. Click here for a detailed outline of some of the benefits to practicing mindfulness. It's a great resource to keep handy as a way to motivate an ongoing practice.


We understand that everyone experiences different benefits and challenges with their meditation practice and, from time to time, people can lack motivation to pause and take a break in their daily routine. WE CAN RELATE! This short practice is simple and can be embodied any time throughout the day. A great way to maintain a practice during busy periods. 

Wheel of Awareness - mini practice
00:00 / 07:24

About the WHEEL OF AWARENESS practice:

Created by Dr. Dan Siegel, this practice is about integration. He says, "When not moving toward integration, complex systems like our lives move toward either chaos or rigidity, rather than the flexible harmonious flow of integrative wellbeing."


Both of us wholeheartedly relate to having periods in our life when we are buckled down and in survival mode. There are times when we resist being present and tune out in certain ways which leads to a sense of disconnection, a lack of energy and flow. This “Wheel of Awareness” practice is one of our favourite practices to embody as a way of intercepting our resistance to the moment and shifts us into connecting and integrating with the moment – a much healthier life balance.


Click here for a full description of the practice.