Seeds of stability are spreading and

we are so grateful for all the encouragement!

"I really enjoyed the course. The mindful practices were really interesting and I loved the discussions afterwards. I learned new things about myself and skills I had forgotten, during the course. It was strange doing the course over zoom but logistically, it totally worked. It was a lot shorter than the previous mindfulness course I participated in but having not been in the right headspace to do mindfulness for a long time, it was a really great way of getting back into it. I found the course inspiring and empowering and found the connection to Gord and Amber as well as the others, came quickly and naturally. Thank you." PARTICIPANT Summer Series, 2020


"The sessions provided to the EAWC by Gord and Amber were very enjoyable, engaging and beneficial to mental wellbeing after I was made redundant from my dream job. I would highly recommend and wish them both good luck with their venture in encouraging mindfulness in operational environments, such as the Aviation industry." - George Hunter MRAeS, Former First Officer PARTICIPANT EAWC Series, 2020


"I was so impressed with Gord and Amber and their passion in delivering the mindfulness programme. I would love to attend a workshop with them in person so that I could experience the energy in the room. The Zoom connection was fantastic and with situation in the world a great tool to use, but to feel the energy in the room would be something I would love to be a part of Thank you to your both and stay safe." PARTICIPANT EAWC Series, 2020


"A thought provoking series that has helped me greatly. A quote that stuck with me from lesson 1: “life is what happens whilst you’re making plans”. This already has and will help me in the coming months and years to appreciate all of life’s journey as I face redundancy from my job as flight crew for BA." PARTICIPANT Summer Series, 2020


"I am incredibly grateful for this series. Growing with others in a group approach provided immense value. I personally experienced an overall increase life situational awareness, peace in common humanity, and hope! Mindfulness doesn’t “fix” life’s problems, but it has helped me to stay grounded rather than anxious during stressful situations, and present and fulfilled during joyful situations." PARTICIPANT Summer Series, 2020