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Pause and Breathe

This practice, guided by Gord Stevens, is an invitation to take a pause from doing and connect to breathing, to being

Many people find it difficult to "just sit and do nothing", however, taking a pause in your day and being fully present with the moment can be the greatest gift you give yourself. Click here for a detailed outline of some of the benefits to practicing mindfulness. It's a great resource to keep handy as a way to motivate an ongoing practice.

We understand that everyone experiences different benefits and challenges with their meditation practice and, from time to time, people can lack motivation to pause and take a break in their daily routine. WE CAN RELATE! This short practice is simple and can be embodied any time throughout the day. A great way to maintain a practice during busy periods. 

Pause and Breathe - 5 minute practice
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Acceptance and Gratitude

This practice, guided by Amber McAuley, offers time for developing acceptance and gratitude muscles. 

Although by definition 'acceptance' and 'gratitude' sound straightforward, to put them into practice can be challenging.  Our mind is constantly judging our experience "This is bad" or "This is good" and wandering into past or future thinking; rarely accepting the moment for all that it is. In this practice you're invited to place your awareness on listening to sounds and opening your awareness to how your experience unfolds. And, to kindly accept it.

You're also invited to listen to the sound of your breath, give thanks to your breath and use your breath as a place to immerse yourself in a sense of gratitude. If you practice feeling grateful for your breath, you'll always have something to be grateful for.

Acceptance and Gratitude - 8 minute prac
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Wheel of Awareness

Created by Dr. Dan Siegel, this practice is about integration. He says, "When not moving toward integration, complex systems like our lives move toward either chaos or rigidity, rather than the flexible harmonious flow of integrative wellbeing."

Both of us wholeheartedly relate to having periods in our life when we are buckled down and in survival mode. There are times when we resist being present and tune out in certain ways which leads to a sense of disconnection, a lack of energy and flow. This “Wheel of Awareness” practice is one of our favourite practices to embody as a way of intercepting our resistance to the moment and shifts us into connecting and integrating with the moment – a much healthier life balance.

Click here to learn more about this practice.

Wheel of Awareness - mini practice
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