Pilots Corner.

Are you feeling turbulence in your personal and/or professional life?


Let's bring our community together and take a journey in self discovery and emotional wellbeing.

Gord is now offering private coaching for all pilots interested in learning mindfulness and social emotional strategies. Coaching sessions are intended to support in the following areas:

  • Identify & regulate emotions

  • Actively listen and communicate

  • Manage stress and anxiety

Email us to book an appointment!

We also have new online courses open to everyone! We invite you, your family, and friends to check out our upcoming schedule.


 Gord's Newsletter.

good is perfectly OK.

Perfectionism seems to be a common human experience. Sometimes people who strive for perfection go on to accomplish great things, but I think chronic perfectionism is a problem and many pilots relate. There’s a huge difference between a dedication to improvement and striving for perfection.  

everyone is doing their best

An Accident Analysis course contributed to my “big picture” awareness in such a lasting way! I learned to be less judgmental and more interested about why the people involved in the accidents did what they did. And going forward, I learned to inquire into my own behaviours and consider why I’m compelled to do what I do.


feeling lost and finding our way

I've never liked the idea of getting lost. Maybe it's a pilot thing, maybe it's a human thing. The idea of letting my thoughts and feelings get lost in me is a bit scary too, though less now than it used to be!  

let's stay connected

I write a newslwtter blog about once a month to highlight what I'm learning through the conversations I have with other pilots. 


Please join our growing community of pilots supporting eachother through stress.