For Pilots.

Do the stressors of your work as a pilot create turbulence in your personal life?


Let's put our heads together and take a journey in self discovery and emotional wellbeing.

We design each seminar to include tools that will support you in achieving a greater sense of balance in your work/personal life.


Our courses include mindfulness and social emotional learning strategies to support individuals in the following areas:

  • Identify & regulate emotions

  • Actively listen and communicate

  • Manage stress and anxiety

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 Gord's Corner.

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Oct. 19 - Suck in the Good.


"When we are no longer able to change  a situation,  we are challenged to change ourselves." Viktor Frankl. This quote recently jumped out at me. I’ve been off work for six months and surrounded by situations I can’t change. And, I've been meeting challenges with changing myself.

A little back story... I’ve been striving since before I completed my commercial license. In fact, completing that license seemed to turbocharge my striving tendencies. For more than twenty years, I've kept myself constantly busy; training, pushing for experience on different airplanes, reaching for “better” jobs, more money etc… ever chasing a better - future - version of “me”.

I always thought I had control over my life and knew who 'I' was and what I needed. Today, I see the opposite was true. My control was an illusion, and all my busyness and distractions were, in many ways, keeping me from knowing myself and what I needed.

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Oct. 10 - Feeling lost and finding our community.


I've never liked the idea of getting lost. Maybe it's a pilot thing, maybe it's a human thing. The idea of letting my thoughts and feelings get lost in me is a bit scary too, though less now than it used to be!
There is a part of me that is untouchable by chaotic thoughts and feelings. It takes courage to trust this, but when I can let my thoughts and feelings get lost in me, then I'm not lost. I'm anchored to what's most important, grounded, in my being.
Easy? No. But the quality of my life depends on it.

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