For Connection.

Have you always thought, and maybe still think, that needing/wanting connection is weak? Or were you raised like us in a time that valued independence over interdependence?


We used to be (and sometimes still are) overly caught up in getting stronger, smarter, faster, fitter, happier, healthier, richer… And, we thought this all had to be done without needing any support from, or connection with, others! Both of us spent many agonizing years in a mindset of “no pain, no gain”.


We’ve learned a lot from burning out time over time and experiencing suffering in our mind and body. One of our most valuable lessons has been that people are fundamentally designed to be interdependent and connection is incredibly important for all of us human beings – no matter how young or old, rich or poor, tall or short, proud or miserable they are.


There are many facets to connection and the more we explore connection, the more we learn. For us, connection is not something to learn about, it’s an awareness to practice that shapes and shifts.


At any given moment, on a small or large scale, we invite you to consider the following:


  • What are you sensing with your inner connection - mind, body, spirit?

  • What do you notice about your connection with others - friends, family, community?

  • How are you connected with the world - environment, living creatures, nature?

Our engaging seminars about connection are for people interested in achieving a greater sense of connection with self and others, including; family, partners, friends, community and beyond. We combine self-reflection and group practices, along with mindfulness, and Zen some!

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