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 A Map To Limitless Parenting.

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Amber's Workbook Overview: 

Many families have found the most powerful tools can be quite basic; and, with the proper guidance and introduction, support is readily accessible. “A Map to Limitless Parenting” is a workbook designed to assist readers in reaching their greatest potential as parents. My theory is that when parents feel confident and well equipped to give guidance to their children, their children become more resilient and wholesome.

I’ve compiled some powerful tools in this workbook, and I hope readers find some clarity and direction from them.  This book is an interactive guide designed to take readers from point A feeling stuck or hopeless, to point B feeling empowered and motivated.

Here are some main points covered in this workbook:

        1. One of the first things we need to do to establish effective communication is switch gears. We need to move from a state of reacting, to a state of responding. Readers will learn the following mindfulness practices to assist in switching gears: Mindful Breathing, Mindful Body Scan, Mindful 3 Part Breath, S.T.O.P., and Mindful Emotions. Click here to listen to the guided practices.

        2. It’s important to explore the softer feelings that underlie the overpowering feelings. I’ve included exercises to help readers find the right tone and be assertive when communicating their feelings.

        3. Readers become skilled in troubleshooting during moments of conflict. The following tools are included to help readers stay calm and supportive: Simple Effective Communication, Gingerbread Technique, Family Meetings, Breath of Joy, Heartfulness, and Closing Statements.

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